Thursday, June 6, 2024

America, no country for old men?

    My a friend Todd German down Key West way emailed me about yesterday’s post on Hunter Biden’s gun trial in federal court, in which I reported the gun was a .44 magnum and it was found by police officers in a trashcan in a poor neighborhood where Hunter had ditched it after he bought drugs from a drug dealer and he saw two cops show up, who wondered why he was in that neighborhood.

Hey Sloan, 
Wanted to reach out as some corrections are in order.  Not sure who your friend is but they aren’t looking at same facts as everyone else. 
The gun was .38-caliber Colt Cobra Special and Hunter didn’t throw it away, his girlfriend/sister-in-law did after she found it in his car.

There are countless articles confirming this as you note all over the news. 

I emailed him:


Thanks. Todd

The gun caliber and how the gun was found were provided to me by someone who historically is reliable. 


    My source mentioned both .38 calibre and .44 magnum made by Colt, and I thought my source meant Hunter’s gun was .44 magnum, and I said .44 magnum can stop a Peterbilt truck and a rhinoceros

    I took down the post and corrected it and its title, which had .44 magnum in it, and republished it as: Will President Biden pardon his son Hunter if he is convicted in federal court of fraudulently buying a.pistol?

    Over the years, I made factual mistakes in posts, which were my fault entirely, but nothing like the mistakes in yesterday’s post. 

    I was mortified. The internet and social media are full of spun and totally incorrect information. I wondered if it was time for me to set American politics aside? If American politics is no place for old men?

    No place for 81+ year old me.

    Joe Biden is 81.

    Donald Trump is 77.

    I see Joe Biden doing a lot of spinning and fact mangling in the news media.

    It’s gotten to where I don’t trust anything Trump says until proven otherwise.

    I can’t assign that to their advanced years, because I see the spinning and fact mangling happening on the right and on the left, on Facebook, in online forums, and in face to face conversations with people I know somewhat or even well.

    After receiving Todd’s email, I was glad the Angel of Death did not take me yet, because I really didn’t want to leave unattended the mess I had made.

    Todd and I ran many rivers together. I lived a good while in his home when I was homeless.

    He is a US Army Special Forces Combat Veteran. He is a Republican. He told me that he voted for Donald Trump in 2016. After the January 6, 2021 riot in the national Capitol, Todd told me that the rioters should have been shot dead, and I could quote him.

    Facebook terminated my Facebook account for posting that, and I opened a new Facebook account. Facebook rejected the messed up version of yesterday’s post, it violated their community standards - small favors:-).

    Yesterday, I saw news reports online that Trump said he never said Hillary should be locked up. In 2016, I saw a film clip of Trump at a MAGA rally, him and the MAGAs chanting, “Lock her up! Lock her up!” 

    In 2016, I said on my blog that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton both should be locked up, in adjoining cells. I said Trump won because the Democrats ran the only candidate he could beat.

    In yesterday’s original and corrected post:

I heard that dirt Hillary Clintonshe had on the Bidens was how she got the Democrat nomination in 2016, before anyone knew about her dirt, and that, along with help from Julian Assange and Russian hackers and Vladimir Putin, is how Donald Trump got into the White House.

    I read several news reports yesterday of Trump saying if he wins in November his enemies will be prosecuted. 

    I read several news reports yesterday of witnesses for Trump in his various civil and criminal prosecutions against him being given raises or money.

    I view Trump as a cold-blooded predator, who preys on anything in front of him except his immediate family and current good friends.

    Alas, I have no use for Joe Biden, and I think Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is wacko. and last night I renewed my selfish offer to God: my life for the lives of Donald Trump, Joe Biden and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

    Selfish, because I wake up each morning wishing the Lord had taken me in my sleep.

    Selfish, because I worry what it will be like for my children and their families if Trump gets back in the White House and his legions think they can do anything they want to do and he will pardon them.

    Selfish, because, I worry what it will be like for my children and their families if Trump loses in November and his enraged legions go gun-shooting ballistic crazy.

   Last night, my Birmingham area amiga Morticia texted me and we did another little jitterbug perfume waltz tango:

If Hunter is found guilty and his daddy pardons him it will be bad. You know I can’t stand Trump and would like to see him get a long time at Rikers, but I think Hunter may have done as bad or actually worse! They both need to own up to their time.

Hunter’s evil affects very few people, Trump is worse than Covid-19, he’s a plague. Lock them up in adjoining cells :-)

Trump’s wanting the gag order lifted, I did not hear if a decision had been made. I hope the judge says no.

I hope the judge gags Trump by incarcerating him.

I am with you on that one. 
Damnit, Georgia case paused indefinitely. I’m so sick of the Trump saga. Maybe the mother ship will come get all of us but them!

The Georgia prosecutor screwed up that case all by her own pussy. 
Yes on mothership.

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