Tuesday, May 7, 2024

God’s expert witness and spiritual healer: Stormy Daniels


    I think it was in 2014 that I met a retired psychiatrist in Key West, who told me about a neighbor who was encroaching on his home’s canal dock and it so troubled him that he had to take anti-depressants. I told him which county commissioner to go see and explain his problem and deal with it in that way instead. 

   The psychiatrist told me about one of his patients, who had panic attacks every time he drove his car and approached a bridge on US 1 near Key West, and that he had cured the patient by prescribing Xanax for the patient to take before driving his car. If his patient had come to me, I would get in his car, and as he nears a bridge and the panic begins, I ask him to pull the his car over onto the road shoulder and turn off the engine and close his eyes, and we talk and he invites what his panic attacks are really about to show itself to him, and he has a really intense emotional realization and healing, if he is up to that. If not, he can keep taking Xanax.

    I tried several times to get the psychiatrist, who was 100-percent true blue Democrat, to email me his candid professional impression of Donald Trump, and when the psychiatrist finally did put something in writing, it was so limp that I wanted to pray for his soul.

    Joe Biden would be so lucky as to have a God-sent psychoanalyst like Stormy Daniels hang him out to dry in plain view, to help him cross the panic attack bridge and see just how truly corrupt his son Hunter is, and just how truly corrupt he is for giving Israel the money, weapons and munitions it needed to commit genocide in Gaza. Last night, CNN reported Gaza has more juvenile amputees than any place in history.

    Based on what I saw on TV and read online, Stormy Daniels is God’s Mary Magdalene telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help her God, about herself and Donald Trump, which I doubt Trump did even once in his entire life. 

    Stormy testified that, yes, she hates Trump, and she he wants to see him convicted. Stormy is proof that members of the oldest profession are the most honest people in the whole wide world.

    When I learned Stormy testified that Trump told her that he and his wife Melania did not sleep in the same bedroom, I imagined Melania was thrilled with being provided a heap of ammo to persuade hubby to give her a whole heap of money not to divorce him for adultery after she birthed their son Barron, which the red, white and blue Bible hubby hawks for his own personal profit says he shalt not do.

    If I were the New York prosecutor, I would hand Stormy one of hubby's red, white and blue Bibles opened to its Ten Commandments page, and I would ask Stormy to read the 7th Commandment to hubby and the jury.  

    Something else that amuses this old lawyer is Trump’s lawyers whined that Stormy said things that the judge had said she should not say, without considering Stormy simply followed Trump’s lead of ignoring the Judge’s repeated gag orders.

    Equally amusing, Trump denied having sex with Stormy, while his lawyers tried to make Stormy out to be a welcher by taking Trump’s money to be quiet about having sex with him, then she squealed on him. But hey, didn’t Trump set the tone by welching his own debts?

     Also amusing, Trump’s lawyers fenced with Stormy, having no clue what would come out of her mouth, which is a big No No in trial lawyer circles, as is Trump’s lawyers didn’t object to much of what Stormy said, which they did not want her to say. That caused me to wonder if Trump’s lawyers secretly want Trump to be convicted? Maybe he hasn’t paid them? Maybe they just really don’t like him?

    Yesterday morning, I texted a Birmingham amiga, who goes by the nickname “Morticia”, that I am in love with Stormy Daniels. Morticia texted back a link to Jimmy Kimmel’s hilarious interview of Stormy talking about her time with Trump in a Lake Tahoe hotel room, where he told her that she reminded him of his daughter Ivanka. The interview ends with Kimmel offering Stormy a selection of fake mushrooms for her to pick the fake mushroom that most resembles the head of Trump’s pecker, and Stormy picks out the second smallest mushroom.

    I think the jury in the New York City courtroom, and every American, should be required to watch the Kimmel interview.


   And, I think the jury and every American should see this photo of 15-year-old Ivanka and her daddy.

    I can’t imagine any American woman wanting to have anything to do with Donald Trump, unless she secretly wants to have sex with him. 
    Or, she was sexually abused by her father and dodges that panic bridge by backing Trump, instead of telling Trump to take a hike and initiate her own healing.
    Anyone who reads my novel Heavy Wait: A Strange Tale and its sequel, Return of the Strange, free reads at the internet library, archive.org, might come away thinking I know a bit about psychiatry, human psychology and soul wounding, and how panic bridges can be crossed and healing initiated by anyone who is up for it.

       I can imagine American men who back Trump wish they could get as much pussy as Trump used to get. Here’s the red, white and blue Bible salesman with his sex trafficker buddy Jeffrey Epstein.


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